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Length: 16″- 82″
Thickness: 3/8″ (10mm)
Wood swatches are representations only. May not be exactly as shown.

Kember Eplank™ Maple Smoked

Kember Eplank™ is designed for use with below, on, or above grade installations. With concrete subfloors, the moisture level must be below 3lbs/1000ft2/24 hours. Once these conditions are met, installation can begin. If the subfloor being covered is radiant-heated, Kember Kreative Floors™ recommends using KemberEplank™ flooring. KemberEplank™ is specially designed for use on radiant-heated subfloors.


Owner/installer responsibility Wood floors create a comfortable ambiance in any room, generating a natural beauty while adding value to your home. However, hardwood is a natural material that may reveal imperfections. Kember Kreative Floors™ pre-finished hardwood floors are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in the industry, which permit a defect tolerance and grading variance of up to no more than 5%. Defects may be the result of manufacturing or of natural form. Prior to installation, it is the obligation of the installer to ensure that the criteria of the subfloor, listed under the Pre-installation Requirement guide are met. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to approve grade, manufacturing, and finish of product before installation. When the owner is absent at time of installation, this becomes the responsibility of the installer. The installer must also apply sound judgment before and during installation; planks with obvious defects are to be trimmed and used in concealed places or not used at all. Once completely installed, the floor is considered having been accepted by owner and installer. If an installed plank needs to be replaced at a later date, Kember Kreative Floors™ liability is solely limited to the replacement of defective product (flooring materials only and if exceeding the 5% industry accepted norm, which does not include trimming waste allowance). Kember Kreative Floors™ is not in any case liable for installer’s poor judgment, quality of installation, labor or any other installation costs. When ordering hardwood flooring, a recommended 5% should be added to the square footage needed – allowing for any cutting waste that may occur, according to type and place of installation.


Finish Kember Kreative Floors™ has developed a unique set of colours with vivid tones that enhance the natural features of hardwood using water-based stains. Nine coatings are applied in total, 2 stain, 4 base coats and 3 topcoats; the use of micronized aluminum oxide is optimized (a.k.a nano-technology) to ensure long-term coating performance. Kember Kreative Floors™ topcoats are enhanced with anti-yellowing agents which significantly reduce the yellowing effects of UV exposure, ensuring years of colourfast natural wood flooring.

Wear layer A 2mm hardwood wear layer provides the look, sound and feel of traditional solid wood floor.  This floor can be re sanded up to 3 or 4 times.

Core A 13mm multi layer wood core provides the greatest stability of any core construction available.  This reduces / eliminates the seasonal gaps between the planks in your floor.  This core has superior holding power of staples or cleats compared to solid hardwood flooring.  The core will not split or crack when penetrated by staples or cleats as often can happen during installation of solid wood flooring.



Recommended Tools and Materials

  • Vacuum cleaner or broom
  • Measuring tape
  • Claw hammer
  • Scraper
  • Miter saw or circular saw
  • Handsaw
  • Wood and/or concrete moisture meter
  • Nail Punch
  • Pry bar
  • Square 16″x24″
  • Chalk line
  • Finishing nails 2-1/2″(63mm)
  • Flooring screws
  • Power drill and 3/32″(2mm) bit
  • Leveling compound (optional)
  • #20 grit sand paper (optional)

Recommended nailers and stapler

  • P120 pneumatic Primatech or H 300 manual, 2″(50mm) cleats and rubber mallet
    Info: 1 800 363 1962
  • 200 pneumatic Powernail or 45 manual, 2″(50mm) cleats and rubber mallet
    Info: 1 800 323 1653
  • MIIIFN pneumatic Bostitch or MFN 200, 2″(50mm) cleats and rubber mallet
    Info: 1 800 556 6696
  • MIIIFN pneumatic Bostitch stapler, 2″(50mm) staples

Note Kember Kreative Floors™ will not be held responsible for damages caused by the use of inadequate tools.

Caution To avoid damaging strips during installation:

  • Make sure nailer base plate remains clean and undamaged. Check regularly throughout installation process.
  • Never place nailer directly on hardwood floor.
  • Check that the nailer base is properly positioned before nailing.
  • Adjust air pressure according to hardwood species.

Pre-Installation Requirements During installation, pre-finished hardwood floors need to be handled with care to avoid damaging the flooring surface and finish. In any construction or renovation project, installation of hardwood floors should be the very last step.

Environmental Conditions

1. Room temperature must be maintained between 65-72°F (18-22°C) for one week prior, during and after installation.

2. Subfloor must be dry and basement well ventilated to avoid any moisture-related damages.

3. At all time the relative humidity must be maintained between 25 and 60%.

4. The maximum moisture level reading for wooden subfloors is 12%, with no more than a 4% differential between the subfloor and wooden planks. If installing over concrete the moisture level must be below 3 lbs/1000ft2 in 24hrs.  Raise heat and increase ventilation if moisture reading is too high. Postpone installation of wood floor until moisture readings have lowered to an acceptable percentage.

5. If installing over radiant heat, the system must have been tested and in operation for 3 weeks.  The surface temperature of the subfloor must never exceed 85°F (29°C).

6. Acclimatization: Prior to installation, wood planks must be kept indoors at the recommended temperature and humidity level for a minimum of 24hrs (during dry winter months should be longer). This allows the wood to acclimatize to the recommended indoor conditions.

Subfloor Conditions

1. A minimum 5/8″(16mm) plywood, or 3/4″(19mm) approved OSB chipboard subfloor, installed over16″(400mm) center-to-center floor joist is the minimum requirement for KemberEplank™ hardwood flooring.

2. Subfloor must be securely fastened to joists to prevent any movement or squeaks. If movement or squeaks are evident, additional screws should be added to subfloor, until this problem is eliminated.

3. The maximum subfloor level tolerance is 1/4″(6mm) per 10′(3m). If the subfloor is outside of these tolerances, it is essential to level out any intolerances using a leveling compound. If necessary, use #20 grit sandpaper to sand off any highpoints of a wood subfloor. If concrete, use a concrete grinder to remove the high points.

4. Finally, before installation of flooring, vacuum the subfloor and remove any debris or obstacles.

Room Conditions

1. Select a starting point or wall.

2. Choose a layout angle.

3. Undercut or remove any baseboards if necessary.

4. Undercut doorjamb and doorstop to allow flooring to be inserted underneath.

5. Pre-select and reserve strips of flooring that are color matched to transition moldings. (Transition moldings to be installed at end of project)

Nailed Down Installation Instructions
Step 1: Creating guideline

Using a chalk line, create a line parallel to the starting wall and perpendicular to the adjacent one. When creating the guideline, add 3/4″(19mm) to the plank width to account for expansion gap required. For example, if installing 4″(102mm) planks, trace the guideline at 4-3/4″(121mm) away from the starting wall.

Step 2: Plank laying

  • Carefully choose planks, removing any imperfections and reserving planks with high color variation for less conspicuous locations such as closets.
  • Line up the first row of flooring against the guideline, tongue side facing away from starting wall. Leave a 1/4″(6mm) gap between the end of the plank and the wall perpendicular to the guideline. Drill and nail through the plank, as close to the wall as possible so that nail heads will be hidden by baseboards and quarter rounds when they are in place (this applies only to the first row).
  • Ensure to select a plank long enough for row end, so that the piece trimmed off can be used to start the following row. Make sure to leave 1/4″ (6mm) gap at the end of each row between the plank and wall.
  • To prevent the effect of end-joint alignment, planks should differentiate at least 4″ (101mm) in length than that of the row beside it.
  • Due to the narrow width of planks, flooring nailers often cannot be used for the first and last few rows of flooring. Instead, drill and nail above the plank tongue, every 4″ (100mm). Ensure to keep at least 2″ (50mm) away from the end of each plank
  • Following rows must be installed similarly, using the nailer; nail or staple planks every 8-10″ (200-250mm), but at least 2″ (50mm) from each plank end.
  • Often times, the last row must be rip sawed to allow for the required 1/2″ (12mm) gap alongside the finishing wall.
  • Carefully store extra planks, in the event that future repairs are needed.

Step 3: Accessories installation

  • If applicable, install transition moldings, stair nosing, and reducers.
  • Install baseboards and quarter rounds, ensuring that they are nailed only to the wall and not the floor [allowing for floor movement].

Radiant Heat Installations

Caution: Prior to installation of KemberKlik™ wood flooring, the radiant heat system must have been tested and in operation for three [3] weeks. The surface temperature of the subfloor must never exceed 85°F (29°C). Proper relative humidity levels must be maintained consistently throughout the year. Use humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers as necessary to maintain suggested humidity level. Never change the temperature of a subfloor radiant heat system by more than 5°F (2.8°C) per day when switching the system on and off.




A full range of compatible molding options are available for use in conjunction with KemberEplank™ flooring. Provide the ultimate finishing touch to the borders of your KemberEplank™ floor.

T-molding: Used to transition between two floor coverings of equal height.






Reducer: Used to transition between two floor coverings of different heights.






Stair nosing: Used on landings or the top step of your stairways.




Floor maintenance tips: Do 
1. To prevent scratching the finish, sweep or vacuum floors often to eliminate dust and abrasives.
2. Mop up spills immediately to safeguard floor from cupping.
3. Use of rugs in and outside of entranceways as well as high traffic areas, (i.e. dishwasher, in front of sinks) will help prevent your floor from showing early signs of wear. Use rugs with mesh backings, which prevent humidity from being trapped underneath the rug.
4. Securely fasten felt pads to the bottom of furniture legs or feet to prevent scratching of floors.  Replace pads when needed.
5. Use only large, rubber or polyurethane castors. Caution: Plastic castors may potentially damage your floor.
6. When moving heavy furniture, don’t compromise the finish of your wood flooring. Flip a mat or small rug over and place a smaller piece of plywood on top of rug. Place furniture carefully on top of plywood. Slide furniture safely and smoothly to its new location.
7. Trim your pet’s claws often to avoid scratching of floors.
8. Kember Kreative Floors™ uses anti-yellowing UV stains that reduce and delay the effects of the sun on your hardwood floors. Kember Kreative Floors™ advises the use of curtains or blinds whenever possible to aid in the UV protection of your flooring. The yellowing of lightwood species is a natural phenomenon, that can only be delayed, and not completely eliminated.
9. Make sure to maintain a relative humidity level between 25% and 60%. Wood is a natural material that reacts to relative humidity variations. High humidity causes buckling in wood floors, and low humidity causes gapping between strips. Control the humidity with a dehumidifier and/or humidifier. If the subfloor is heated with radiant heat, ensure the surface temperature never exceeds 85°F(29°C). Never adjust the system by more than 5°F(2.8°C) per day when turning the system on and off.
10. Lightly mist floors with hardwood floor cleaner, then clean and polish using a terry cloth mop.


1. Never wet mop hardwood floors.
2. Never change the temperature of a subfloor radiant heat system by more than 5°F(2.8°C) per day when switching the system on and off.
3. Never use wax, oil-based, or other household cleaning detergents on your floors. Never allow high-heels or cleats on your floor, as they will damage the finish.


Structural Lifetime Warranty
KemberEplank™ – Kember Kreative Floors™ warrants to the original purchaser its KemberEplank™ engineered pre-finished hardwood floor against buckling, twisting, de-lamination, warping, and cupping under standard environment conditions. Standard environment conditions mean that the interior relative humidity level in your home remains between 25% and 60% year-round.
Installations Over Radiant Heated Subfloors – KemberEplank™ can be installed over a radiant-heated subfloor. In order to ensure that buckling, twisting, delamination, warping, and cupping do not occur, never change the temperature of a subfloor radiant heat system by more than 5°F(2.8°C) per day when switching the system on and off. Prior to installation of KemberEplank™ wood flooring, the radiant heat system must have been tested and in operation for three [3] weeks. The surface temperature of the subfloor must never exceed 85°F(29°C). Proper relative humidity levels must be maintained consistently throughout the year. Use humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers as necessary to maintain suggested humidity level.
Coverage – This warranty covers and is limited to the replacing or repairing (at Kember Kreative Floors™’s discretion) the defective boards due to manufacturing defects that exceed the five percent [5%] industry standard (material only). Any damage that has been incurred due to inappropriate storage, installation, transportation, extreme indoor conditions [outside of the 25-60% relative humidity range], intense sunlight, or by any other cause are not covered under the warranty. Due to the natural properties of wood, minor contraction and expansion will occur. These minor dimensional alterations that occur during seasonal climate changes are not covered under this warranty.
50-Year Finish Warranty – Kember Kreative Floors™ warrants to the original purchaser that the surface finish, UV cured and factory applied on its pre-finished hardwood floors will not wear through or separate from the wood for a period of:
Fifty-years [50], from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions
Three-years [3] from the date of purchase, when used under light commercial conditions, such as business offices, clothing and/or toy stores [or any non-food service stores] in shopping malls, for all products. Kember Kreative Floors™ does not recommend the use of American Cherry or American Walnut on light commercial application due to the low relative hardness of these specific species. These warranties are subject to the compliance of all installation and maintenance guidelines provided by Kember Kreative Floors™.
To File a Claim – A claim needs to be filed by the original purchaser in the unlikely event of a breech of warranty. The purchaser must contact in writing, both the store where the product was purchased, as well as Kember Kreative Floors™. Written notice must be filed no later than thirty-days [30] subsequent to the occurrence of the problem that has given reason for a claim to be filed, and within the warranty coverage period. Information must be provided to verify identity of original purchaser, as well as invoices for proof of purchase. Flooring in question must have been purchased from an authorized Kember Kreative Floors™ factory store and be paid for in full. Kember Kreative Floors™ strongly suggests that buyers retain their original invoice and/or receipt along with Kember Kreative Floors™’s installation, maintenance, and warranty guides in a safe place. Kember Kreative Floors™ reserves the right to have a Kember Kreative Floors™ representative inspect the floor and remove samples for technical analysis. The representative will then report the findings within a thirty-day (30) time period.
Warranty exclusions – This Kember Kreative Floors™ warranty excludes any indentations, scratched, or surface damage cause by lack of proper maintenance, accidents, misuse, high-heeled shoes or cleats, liquids, pets, insects, negligence, abuse, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, wet mopping, failure to follow all of manufacturer’s specific written instructions, poor workmanship by installer, and gloss reduction due to surface wear. In this warranty, some exclusions, conditions, and limitations are not permitted in some provinces and states by law. This warranty provides specific legal rights and does not necessarily include all the legal rights that are effective in some provinces and states. The solitary remedy provided within these warranties is the repair, refinish, or replacement at the discretion of Kember Kreative Floors™, of defective products. In the improbable circumstance that Kember Kreative Floors™ is unable to correct the defectiveness after a reasonable number of attempts, Kember Kreative Floors™ will refund, if requested by the purchaser, the original purchased price of the portion of defective flooring on a prorate basis. Any attempt that is made to repair, replace, or refinish the floor prior to the involvement of Kember Kreative Floors™ with a full inspection and authorized repair, will void this warranty. No distributor, dealer, installer, agent, or Kember Kreative Floors™ sales representative is authorized to alter or increase the terms or coverage of these warranties.