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Wider, longer and eye-catching

Wood Flooring like nothing else on the market

Engineered strength and stability

Grown in America, made in America

Engineered for North American climates

Grades for every taste

Lifetime warranty

Kember Floors Wood Custom Direct offers the elegance and artistry of unique wide-plank custom-made engineered wood floors that combine solid Made-in-America quality with exquisite European finishing techniques.

• Contemporary dimensions (wider, longer planks)

• Unequaled construction quality

• High-grade American lumber and finishing techniques with Made-in-America manufacturing

• An infinite range of breathtaking custom-made colors

• Custom-made designer colors

In keeping with contemporary European trends, we offer stunning wood floors in wider and longer dimensions that none of our competitors can match… and none of your customers can resist.

• Based on European contemporary sizing trends

• Our wood planks are available in attractive 8” and 10” widths

We believe that no matter how durable your floor’s top layer is, its true strength and stability come from its inner core. With that philosophy in mind, we use a hardwood plywood core in every plank we sell.

Just pick up a piece of our flooring and you’ll immediately feel its solid weight and strength, its inner sturdiness.

Hardwood plywood core is the superior choice for a number of reasons:

• It’s much stronger than soft wood alternatives

• It’s better for nailing and gluing

• Its dense core material gives the floor the strength and stability to withstand the wear layer’s expansion and contraction during the winter months

• Hardwood plywood cores are ideal for use over radiant heat

Our finishing technique locks in the natural beauty of each wood so you can enjoy the beautiful tones for years and years to come. Which contribute to the pleasing ascetics of wide plank engineered flooring.

The three main species of wood we use on our surface decor:

American White Oak

American White Ash

American Black Walnut

As a result, our products are made from 100% genuine, natural-looking and—more importantly—natural-feeling wood. Just take a few steps in your bare feet and its smooth, authentic feel will tell you you’re walking on real wood.

Black Walnut is the king of dark-colored wood. We render Black Walnut wide plank engineered wood floors into a new level of quality.

Not all products are engineered and optimized for the North American climates. All of our products are dried to a specified moisture content that is ideal for North America climates.

The relative humidity of the air where we live is low in the winter. With an eye on the climate, we process our floors in a way that balances the moisture content of the wear layer and the core material for the North, South, East and Central United States.

How do we achieve this moisture-content balance?
Before we join the wear layer to the plywood core, we acclimatize the wood within the two components in a kiln to stabilize their respective moisture contents. By the time we laminate the two layers together, this drying process ensures there are no gradients of moisture content between the top layer and the core material.

Why is this moisture-content balance important?
With all moisture content variances eliminated, the flooring will perform well in our environment with no risk of cracking or splitting due to fluctuating temperatures.

What is the average moisture content of our wood and plywood core?
Anywhere between 6% and 8%, making it ideal for the climate in our part of the world.

While every wood possesses its own exquisite beauty, customers are often attracted to different qualities within its natural artistry.

Some prefer a clean, flawless grade that might complement favorite furniture pieces.
Others are drawn to a natural, almost rustic wood grade, bringing to mind the floor of a well-loved cabin or lake house.

We offer two distinctive grade options of wood flooring:

Urban Collection: A clear beautiful look

Loft Collection: Natural-looking wood that includes everything from the original planks except for cracks

The KEMBER all wood products warranty is good for the life of every floor we sell.

Our warrenty covers:

• The performance of the floor’s lamination for life

• The performance of the hardwax oil finish for life, providing your customer completes the proper maintenance at the recommended intervals and retains service receipts of each maintenance visit.

The Benefits of Kember Wood Flooring


Hardwood floors create an inviting atmosphere of comfort in any room, delivering an enduring natural beauty that stands the test of time. Wood floors provide a tactile and visual environment in your home that will stimulate your senses. Kember KREATIVE FLOORS™ offers wood floors in a range of species and colours wide enough to meet the design needs of any type of décor.

Diamond Dimension

At Kember KREATIVE FLOORS™, we constantly search the world over for new and innovative technologies which will enhance our product’s appearance and performance. Diamond Dimension™ represents a technological innovation employed to ensure an unparalleled accuracy of milling. We believe the dimensional consistency of our wood flooring is the best in the industry. We invite you to see for your self the ease of installation and clean look that Diamond Dimension™ delivers.

Durable & Affordable

Hardwood floors are resilient, and stand up to the demands of our daily lives today. Kember KREATIVE FLOORS™ employs state-of-the-art finishing technology to ensure that you will be satisfied with your hardwood floors for a lifetime. Kember KREATIVE FLOORS™ offers Mill Direct pricing — we engineer it, we stand behind it and we sell it directly to you — with no added retail or distribution mark ups.

The magic of staining with tannins

Rather than using a paint or lacquer to alter the wood’s surface, our reactive stains change the wood’s natural color by reacting with organic molecules (tannins) inside the wood.

How the process works:
• The surface of the unfinished wood is treated with the reactive element.
• The wood is placed on a rack to dry for eight hours. It is during this final step the natural reaction with the tannin naturally present with the wood takes place.

To start 24 spectacular forest-like colors

But 24 colors are only the beginning…

Easily Maintained

Hardwood floors need only periodic cleaning — unlike carpets, hardwood floors will not accumulate dust, pet dander or mites. Solid surfaces are recommended in homes where people are sensitive to dust and other allergens. Kember KREATIVE FLOORS™ offers a complete factory-approved cleaning system that will keep your floors looking good for years to come.

No two the same

Multiple factors come into play during our manufacturing process that makes each floor a one-of-a-kind.

Every floor is going to be a bit different. For this reason, we manufacture our products on a custom basis. We pride ourselves on producing every individual floor one floor at a time.

What you need to know about our custom-made process:

• Colors are always going to vary

• Color variations even within the same batch will occur

Don't hesitate to ask.